our team

Fuel has brought together some of the greatest minds that help our clients excel in creating specialized technologies that increase efficiencies and maximize the scalability of programs or services. Our team also focuses in start-up investing through in-kind development, and real estate investing & project management.

  • Jesse Robinson
  • Zak Corbridge
  • Laury Pletkus
  • In-house Dev Team

the founders

Jesse, Zak, and Laury were all brought together in the VC space in 2016, but prior to that, the three friends have built up expertise in the impact, development, start-up, and commercial real estate space. Since converging in the VC space the three moved on together to create Fuel Consulting Agency where they have focused their experience on helping companies and nonprofits digitalize their programs and organizations.

we invest

START-UPS: monetary & in-kind development

REAL ESTATE: monetary & project management

our dev team

Fuel Consulting has merged with a world-class dev shop headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Scale3C to date has helped more than 50 Tech startups in US and Europe. In 2019 Scale3c & Fuel merged their companies to bring all of Fuel's development in-house which translates to more affordable development for our clients.