what we do

as an accelerator we partner with companies & nonprofits to build elite technology combined with proper tech strategy for short and long-term gains. we have a wealth of expertise in all phases of the start-up journey that we pass on to our partners, as well as a robust list of partners that can help fulfill needs in all phases of a start up.

  • tech start-up & foundation accelerator program
  • tech strategy
  • tech development
  • branding & design
  • project management
  • fundraising & strategic partnership acquistion
  • real estate project management & fundraising

impact model

fuel owns a large library of existing IP that we re-purpose as often as we can to bring the costs down for our clients. for our nonprofit/impact clients we gift this re-purposed code them at no cost to give them top-quality technology at a better price point, as well as ownership in everything created for them.

fuel accelerator

  1. ability to build all types technology either in-house with our 40+ developers & designers or through our outsourced specialty partners (Ai, Blockchain, VR, AR, Tokenization)
  2. our model is to profit from our partnership not from technology we build, so we extend our at-cost development rates to our partners + repurposed IP we own when applicable
  3. good design, branding, and marketing is a difficult balance to strike - our team of incredible designers specialize in top design and UX for your product or customer
  4. we have deployed and helped fundraise over $27million for projects we have been a part of and open that network of investors to our partners

let’s get started

schedule a free consultation where we would be happy to give you some upfront consulting for free once we get a chance to understand your organization and needs